Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's all about your attitude

My attitude is like an open book, so many of you can read me but only special ones can understand who exactly I am. 
I just don’t want to hide anything from anyone as it’s really easier to stay what exactly you are. But few people in this world won’t understand this. 
I’ve experienced so many things in my life and it’s like, the more you appreciate yourself, the more people will appreciate you. First of all you need to support yourself and your decisions only then you can give suggestions to others. You can never expect anyone to act as per you, and you only have to compromise as per the situations. 
It is very important for your life to have a purpose and you’re the only one to determine that objective. 
I feel that’s really okay if you’re following someone truly, but you don’t need to copy anyone in order to uplift yourself.
I admit I'm unpredictable about certain things but I'm not unexplainable.
It's all about your attitude - Rishabh Datta
It's all about your attitude - Rishabh Datta

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