Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

There is a massive difference between reading something with interest and reading forcefully. I asked to read one chapter of this book, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

I'm not much into books and I can't read any book for more than 15 minutes. This is for the first time I felt like reading and I was like, "I just want to finish this chapter soon", haha!
Anyways, I got this one line only while reading this book, "You've to keep reinventing yourself". And that's so true, in order to keep yourself motivated you always need to reinvent against your weaknesses. Basically we use to learn from our mistakes. And what I feel is, don't let your mistakes happen in your life again and again. Try to find out such idea to avoid them if you want to be on top.
I've experienced few things in my life, when I was in office I found myself in a state when I was like, I can't do it still my approach was positive and I was totally unsure about that too. But my heart was supporting me like, “I can do it, Yes Yes Yes" on the other hand my mind was like, How-How-How?? But at the end I achieved something just because of my approach towards that task and at once I was shocked too, like really? Did I really complete that? So basically life is too short for making mistakes but still we can take some risks. And make sure you're confident enough while taking those risks.
Now when it’s come to this picture below, sometimes few pictures can surprise you!
And I got surprised when I caught reading one chapter of "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish". My mom clicked this picture and most importantly I loved it too.
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish - Rishabh Datta
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish - Rishabh Datta

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