Monday, December 19, 2016

Hey smile, You are beautiful

There's always at least one reason to smile, no matter how hard the situations are, you simply need to find that one for a joyful life.
I’ve seen so many phases in my life but the most important part is that I’m so blessed that I came out of it really soon. At times, we all can take few problems as a challenge, so that I would be rather easy to overcome. 
Try to smile more often and your smile shouldn’t be dependent on someone. Normally we use to give the key rights to someone else. Like someone is operating us and if that someone will be good to us than only we’ll smile else we won’t.
At the other hand, just because people like me smiles all the time, that doesn’t mean life is cool. It's like smile can be a symbol of hope, which can give patience to face anything. So just take a step in a positive direction.
As per a famous quote, “Keep smiling that much, so one day life will also get tired of disappointing you”.
Hey smile, You are beautiful - Rishabh Datta
Hey smile, You are beautiful - Rishabh Datta

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