Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Small Phase of a Real Life Story - Rishabh Datta

It was such an amazing Flight Experience. 

A real life story - Rishabh Datta
I was standing at the airport and I was waiting for my turn at baggage counter. Suddenly I saw an extremely beautiful girl coming in my queue. My eyes were like rolling and rolling. I wanted to have a look at her but I couldn't. I tried so many times but I failed. After a while just before submitting my luggage I held my nerves and when I found No One is noticing me, I started having a look at her. And she wasn't at all noticing me. She was on call and I was just going after her as I had to spend around next 2 hours. Suddenly I heard that she was also coming in my flight. I was like wow! After exactly 2 hours when I came to know that she is sitting next to me, I was like OMG and I was blushing badly. For a moment I was totally unaware that how to react on that. But anyways, after sometime when I found myself normal, I started reading something. And she was listening songs. Still my heartbeats were too fast. And I also started listening songs and first song was “Pehla Nasha”. I was simply living my life like a bird. All of sudden the best moment came and she asked me, “Hey can I come and sit at window seat if you don't mind”. And I was shocked and I was like sorry could you please come again because I found myself in a state when I felt, "I hope I'm not dreaming." I said ya sure, please come.  And we both smiled at each other sweetly. That made my day already. As right from past 3 and half hour she was on my mind and time was running too quickly. I was almost in love with that flight. And when we arrived at Mumbai. We met again at baggage collection counter and she came to me and whispered: "Hey Thank You, you're really sweet". And I was so badly blushing after coming out of airport and that smile continued for around next 2-3 hours. But I'm guilty that I wanted to ask her name, I wanted to ask her Facebook id but I couldn't make such effort. But it's okay. She will always remain in my mind. That would be too extreme to say that I'll wait for her in my upcoming flights for the rest of my life hoping that she can be there. Stay blessed stranger.

PS: I wrote few lines as well when she was sitting next to me and I’ll post that soon! :)


  1. goooooddddd all I'm doing Is trying to imagine u blush. I mean can't u be a little less sweet. u are high on sweetness rishabh. What she said was true. also the way u said - I wish to see her in every flight 🙈 who wouldn't skip a beat on that? 😍😍 #lovestruck. and you.. I wouldnt ever spare u for making my beats go that fast. this one is far best you have written.
    p.s.- waiting for those lines! post soon please

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